Paintball at Adams Farm in Wilmington.

They have two courses, one more open with forts, bunkers, and hiding spots, and one of mostly trees with forts. Each day will have two segments. Morning segments arrive by 8.30 for orientation, afternoon arrive by 12.30. each segment is three hours. They recommend long pants and long sleeve shirts, and a cap or hat. They also provide rental equipment, sales, and instruction. They require to use their paintballs so that guns do not jam, and theirs are water soluble.

Range price.                      $20.00

Range price with rental.       $15.00

Equipment rental.               $30.00 comes with 150 paintballs

Paintballs                          $10.00 for 200, $85.00 for a case of 2000

Gas refills.                         $3.00


For more information call Adams Farm at 464-3762


Phone: 802-464-0259 

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P.O. Box 670 • Route 100 West Dover, VT 05356

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